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  • 021-36506206
    Location:Home > Product Center

    Product Center


    Supcold cryochiller is an important part vacuum system. Supcold can greatly reduce the pumping time and improve the quality of coating significantly. Also Supcold can reduce overall equipment cost.More>>


    Supcold provide various types of imported models of cryochiller accessories. These accessories not only for Supcold equipment, but also can be used to replace similar imported equipment damaged parts.More>>


    Supcold provide maintenance supplies of cryochiller. Such as refrigerants, lubricants, insulation materials. Refrigerant and lubricants can be used on similar imported equipment.More>>

    System Reform

    We can proveide a complete system reform programs which can add cryochiller to old vacuum coating system to increase productivity and meet new technology.More>>


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